FUSED: Solo Exhibition at Ferrin Contemporary

Loopy Peg Painting (Purple With Long Pegs) 10.5x11x11 inches_01 .jpg

FUSED: Solo Exhibition at Ferrin Contemporary, May 4-June 30, 2019

Ferrin Contemporary is pleased to announce LAUREN MABRY: Fused, the first solo at the gallery by Philadelphia- based artist Lauren Mabry.

Mabry will introduce a new series of ‘dimensional paintings’ that use color, form and an exuberant sense of play to explore transformative nature of clay. Drips, spills and dollops of brightly colored glaze move across her forms, with a precise sense of chaos. The titled, Fused, eludes to the melted surface created within the kiln. This magical moment is something that Mabry is able to hold to within her glaze work, as if she’s able to slow down time itself.